Our Philosophy of Integrative Holistic Medicine:

Optimal Health is more than the absence of disease.  It is when your
body, mind, spirit and emotions are interconnected that you will achieve
inner peace and holistic healing.

  • Nurture your BODY with whole foods and clean water because you
    are what you eat.
  • Allow your MIND to have peaceful thoughts for you are your
    thoughts and don’t want them to poison your body.
  • Free your SPIRIT of stress and emotional baggage and soar
    above the clouds.
  • Foster your EMOTIONS by connecting spiritually with others.
  • Under the guidance and networking of your health care providers,
    we will create a new paradigm for your wellness. PREVENTION of
    diseases is the ultimate goal.
"Are you worried about your H.E.A.L.T.H. -
Home, Education / Employment, Activities of daily
living (your ability to get dressed, showered, etc),
your ability to participate in Leisure activities,
Tomorrow or Happiness (Depression, Anxiety,

Are you tired of going to the doctor and being
given bad news
(new diagnosis / illness) and
given a new medication (pill) which has side
effects and costs a lot of money?"

"Are you looking for a different approach to
your health?
Less pills, more disease prevention
or to further improve your overall health & physical

"Are you ready to make a change in your
diet, exercise, sleep habits, stress
reduction, nutritional supplements, positive
relationship building, hormone optimization and

"Are you looking for a Western trained medical
doctor, who will combine the best of Western as
well as non-Western treatments to result in the
most optimal results
with the least amount of
medications and side effects?

If you answered "YES" to any of the questions
above, you should read further about Dr.
Shibuya's "Integrative Health" clinic at the
Fremont Holistic Center.  We look forward to
working with you to optimize your health!

Dr Shibuya is a Triple Board Certified medical
doctor: general internal medicine, rheumatology
(Arthritis, Osteoporosis & Related AutoImmune
Diseases) and Integrative Medicine.  

By investing in your H.E.A.L.T.H. you will not only
feel physically better, but the QUALITY of your life
will also improve as you will be able to support
your Home, Education / Employment, Activities of
daily living, Leisure activities, Tomorrow and
Upcoming Integrative Health Seminar:
    Super Shape Up Seminar 2 (Half-Day)
    August 13, 2016 (Saturday)   8:45AM-12PM    
    Cost $50 / person (limit to 20 participants)

(1) Detoxification, Anti-Inflammatory Diet & IV Nutrients:

 Do you want to "shape up" & "clean up" your life once and for all?
 Come & learn how Dr Shibuya transformed himself & how you can            
 customize your own super shape up.

Dr Shibuya will share with you the information he has gathered from the latest,
leading integrative conferences he has attended.

(2)  Potpourri Pain Management: Are you tired of taking tons of pain pills
or have experienced medication side effects? Come & learn how to better
manage your pain with less pills.

Dr Shibuya will explain how pain psychology techniques (CBT & MBSR), sleep,
supplements, diet & exercise help to reduce pain. Dr Shibuya will also explain
how Iovera & Traumeel injections work for knee pain.